FlashBook 2022

Welcome to my virtual flashback!
If you are trying to request a design that has been posted below, please fill out this form!

Direct emails, website emails, direct messages via social media platforms, and texts will all be ignored.* 

Cultural Disclaimer:
 I prefer to avoid any forms of cultural appropriation with my work. Flash work inspired by black culture, black womxn, Mehndi (Henna) designs or art that is indicative of a specific Black, Indigenous, POC culture - will only be tattooed if you it pertains to your cultural ethnicity. I therefore reserve the right to refuse my tattooing service if this standard is not respected. Rare exceptions CAN be made if given a valid reason. 

*Flash 46 is claimed.*

*Flash 47 is preferred for the wrist, but open to other placements.

*Flash 49 is for half sleeve placement only and requires tattoo-less skin.


If you would like to claim the St. Lucia flash, please write in the comments of your booking request that you would like that specific flash.

*Flash 82 is preferred for the wrist, but open to other placements 


Thank you for checking out my virtual flashback!
Flash Guidelines: 
These designs are my permanent flash designs in which multiple people can claim the same designs! 
I will try my best that selected designs will not be in the same placement and/or colour but will still be tattooed on more than one person.
I will also continuously add or remove designs based on how I feel as an artist. 
Colour Ink can be requested the day of your session. 
Customized requests can be made on the flash designs in the booking form.
Designs cannot be used as tattoo cover ups or attached/added onto a previous tattoo.
Some designs will have shadework not shown. This will be discussed the day of your session. 
I appreciate your interest in my art and hope to tattoo you soon!
Please do not copy or use my artwork for any other form of production or use for other tattoo artists. 
Anything posted on my website is copyrighted!