Tattoo Care

Session Preparation
For your appointment, be sure that you are well hydrated and a full meal is eaten and are rested prior to getting your tattoo.  Bringing water and snacks with you is advisable, even if its a small tattoo.

Do not shave the area you will be tattooed! These will affect how the ink will go into your skin.

If you would like to use the numbing cream provided at the studio, please request it (via email) prior to your session as you will have to come to your session early.  To use the numbing cream, it is an additional cost of $20-40 depending on the size of the tattoo.


Tattoo aftercare
Check out this Tattoo AfterCare studio form for more information on healing your new art.

Humblebee Butter is available for purchase in the studio only ($10).


Touch Ups
For touch-ups there will be a $30.00 minimum fee to cover equipment expenses and secure Brittany's time. Touch ups can be requested 4/6 months after your final tattoo session! You will be required to forward images of the healed tattoo and indicating what you want touched up. Once this is done, Brittany will arrange to book you for a session the first Wednesday of the following month only.

Brittany will also touch up tattoos free of charge if a new appointment for custom or flash has been booked.

Only one touch-up session can be booked! Unfortunately, if you have to reschedule less than 48 hours before the session I will require an additional deposit to secure my time.